Introducing the perfect workleisure moto jacket, the Do Anything Jacket

How I Simplified (and Upgraded) My Wardrobe

I began my career in the alluring world of fashion PR, where I picked up the habit of impulse shopping.

In 2014, I moved from New York to San Francisco with luggage and boxes filled to the brim.

After settling into the startup scene here in SF, I found myself wearing only a fraction of the pieces I had painfully lugged across the country.

This realization inspired me to pare down my wardrobe.

Through this process, I gained clarity around my personal style, getting dressed got simpler, and most notably, I became a deliberate shopper (yup, no more impulse purchases!).

Instead of aimlessly shopping, I made a list of the voids in my closet along with specific criteria I was looking for in each piece.

On this list was an everyday jacket with the following criteria:

  • Must be super comfy
  • Must have a versatile, minimal design
  • Must be easy to care for (aka no dry cleaning, no fabrics that pill etc.)

I searched and searched, and simply couldn't find a jacket that fit the criteria. Determined to build the perfect work to weekend wardrobe, I set out to create the Do Anything Jacket

This sparked the beginning of Brevity and journey towards intentional work and wellness. Here I'll be sharing everything I'm learning along the way!

Dara Elliott, Founder of Brevity Brand | Made for Women by Women

  Dara Elliott, Founder    

P.S. Here's the why behind the name Brevity:

Inspired by the idea of simplifying, the name Brevity serves as a reminder to focus on the single most important thing in the moment. I suppose you could say it's fitting that Brevity launched with a single product

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