Why made in women-owned factories?

All our jackets are made in women-owned factories right here in San Francisco (meet Susan). This was a conscious decision we made after seeing the staggering gender pay and confidence gap across all industries including fashion and manufacturing. In this post, we explore the root cause of these gender gaps.

From the gender pay gap to the gender leadership gap, here are the stats Girl Bosses need to know in order to break the glass ceiling. (via Brevity Brand)


These stats make us pretty darn mad. And we’ve experienced them first-hand. After working for corporate fashion and beauty brands, we couldn’t help but wonder why entirely qualified women weren’t breaking into the executive suite.

So we set out to understand the root cause.

While double standards created the glass ceiling, countless studies reveal there’s also a prevailing 'Confidence Gap' between women and men that’s keeping us from breaking through that glass. As it turns out, confidence is just as correlated with success as competence.


From the gender pay gap to the gender confidence gap, here are the stats Girl Bosses need to know in order to break the glass ceiling (via Brevity Brand).

So where did this confidence gap start? According to The Confidence Code, they’re a product of nature and nurture.

Here’s the science behind the nature part... 

There’s the fear center, officially called the amygdalae. Women tend to activate this part of the brain more often than men, making us more likely to avoid risks, in turn, missing out on rewards. Plus, men have more testosterone, which only enhances their risk confidence.

Furthermore, women have a larger worrywart center, also known as the anterior cingulate cortex. This makes us more likely to ruminate the past and spend time weighing pros and cons instead of taking action.

“Action Breeds Confidence” | Motivational Quote via Brevity, A Girl Boss Brand

Here’s where the nurture part comes into play...

For years, girls have been rewarded for diligence and good behavior. As a result, we grow up to be perfectionists. And in order to live up to those perfect personas we’ve created in our heads, we overestimate risks and underestimate ourselves. Thus, avoiding action.

To remedy this, we must build up the courage to do the things we’re afraid of. Because only when we take action, will we come to realize there was nothing to fear at all.

“Confidence is like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets.” | Motivational Quote via Brevity, A Girl Boss BrandNow is the time for us to take action.

The good news is we can support one another on this journey. Together, we can open ourselves up to opportunities to learn, to fail and get back up again. Together, we can close the gender gap.

For us, that means embarking on entrepreneurship and supporting fellow female business owners. We're committed to making each and every jacket at women-owned factories because we believe our dollar can pave the future we want to live in. It's a future where the next generation of girls aspire to be leaders, founders, and trailblazers. 

“Confidence is an extraordinary, and powerful thing”  | Motivational Quote via Brevity, A Girl Boss Brand


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